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Crafting COMMUNITY through engaging CUSTOMER service & superior LOCAL quality

We are local, we are learning, & we are committed. Committed to a happy team serving a local community. We look forward to working together to see how this evolves!

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Jenny Jenkins, Owner

Jenny's dream to own her own business didn't come without a lot of research, anxious nights, and family discussions.  The opportunity to open this location in Old Town while she was working on the new building the cafe is located.  As an architect for 20 years, the design team insisted a coffee bar in the lobby of the mixed-use building would be a perfect addition to the overall story of a new mixed-use building coming into the neighborhood, complete with office, residential, retail, and education.  Knowing the developer/landlord, and being intimate with the building design, it was an opportunity to amazing to pass up.  Fast forward a few months with Jenny attending coffee industry business school (locally!), and getting a coffee bar built out, all while continuing her 'day job' as an architect.  The mother of two young boys, Jenny also enjoys spending time with her family, the outdoors, wine tasting, & being about as sarcastic as you can get. While not at Even Keel every day, she is looking forward to seeing where this next chapter will take her!